Born and raised in Japan, I was fascinated with the world of art from a young age. Due to that interest I encountered the work of Nobuyoshi Araki; I was instantly enamored, and my attraction towards the art of kinbaku (rope bondage) and BDSM found its beginnings in that moment. Enchanted with the transformative and catalytic nature of kink and BDSM, I swore to myself that I will one day be involved in that world, in one form or another.

After living in Los Angeles for 7 years and receiving my MFA degree there, I returned to Japan and began pursuing my professional career in BDSM. My foundation as a Domme became concrete after meeting Akira Naka; intrigued and inspired by the “Naka Style” of kinbaku, I began and continue to study the art and discipline of kinbaku under his tutelage. As my career progresses, my domination style is in flux; it is a catalyst of my passion for BDSM and its multiple facets and forms of play. 

My approach for sessions is an intersection of of my formal training as a Domme and my roots as a DIY riot grrrl; meticulous rope bondage combined with torture using every day items found readily in any home, intense flogging using whips made by the craftsmen followed by encasing you in my homemade satin sleep sack… I allow my creativity to be the driving force of my sessions, which leads me to convert unimaginable fantasies to reality.

I have traveled world wide, conducted sessions and performed in venues and events (such at Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco) across the globe. I have had the honor of receiving the BIPoC Film Award at the Porn Film Festival Berlin for  “Tatami”, my collaborative film with Mistress Hinako, Axel Abysse, and Yoshi Kawasaki  in 2021.  

My personal style of BDSM is very “East meets West”; combining the art of Japanese “責め” (punishment, persecution) and Western discipline, I have created my own version of 「飴と鞭」(candy and whip/carrot and stick). My style may be severe and cold at times; will you be the one able to endure my punishment and receive the reward that awaits?

Will you be my helpless plaything as I remind you how powerless you are under my feet? Will you be trapped in my web and squirm as you try to escape my relentless torture? Are you going to come crawling back for more? Regardless, I am here to guide you and lead you to a world that you’ve never been to before, where your eyes will be opened to see things that you could have never imagined to witness.  

“I abandon myself to the fever of dreams, in search of new laws.”
Antonin Artaud